On Friday, June 4th I had the opportunity to go to Brookdale School and share a few stories with the children about Kindness.  We talked about the different ways to be kind.  I shared with them that we need to be kind to ourselves, kind to others, kind to animals, and kind to our earth.  We discussed different ideas of ways we can show kindness in our school, at home and in our community.  The students were very good listeners and came up with lots of good ways to show kindness.  Their teacher challenged them to write down all the ways they showed kindness over the weekend and they were going to discuss it on Monday. Thank you to Brookdale School for having me in to read and share ideas with you about Kindness.  I enjoyed our time together very much!11391628_841135725978506_5714622588498166738_n 11406783_841135619311850_7354741801599248695_n 11407207_841135525978526_2890308470859848240_n 11412234_841135709311841_3967737096154997668_n

Written by: Kaylyn

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