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On Sunday, June 14 I hosted a Youth Talent Night Fundraiser.  I invited local singers, pianists and dancers to perform and help me raise money for my journey to Miss Teenage Canada in Toronto.  I also sold Rafiki Friendship Chains to help raise money and bring awareness for Free the Children. Selling the Rafiki’s supports the Mama’s in Africa with their Alternative Income venture allowing them to send their children to school, get access to basic health care, bring clean water and sanitation to their communities, and find a sustainable source of healthy food. The Rafiki sales went very well!  Thank you!  The talent night was also enjoyed by all!  We had about 60 guests in the audience and they were thoroughly entertained by all the local talent!  Thank you to all my special performers, I really appreciated you sharing your time and talent with all of us! It certainly was an incredible evening!

Written by: Kaylyn

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