Canada is an awesome country to live in, to visit and to explore. It is worth your time to see and experience as much of it as possible.  Canada is so vast and so different no matter where you go you’ll have an experience to remember.

Starting in BC you’ll enjoy all the pacific coast has to offer, from small quaint fishing villages to the bright city lights of Vancouver. Over the Rocky Mountains and you’ll be into Alberta with mountain views, glacial lakes, rolling hills and cattle ranches. Moving into Saskatchewan you will be amazed at the never ending horizon across this flat prairie landscape. Manitoba offers the same prairie grassland with beautiful large clear lakes and has a few rolling hills as you head into the Canadian Shield areas of Ontario.  Passing by more crystal clear lakes and rock formations in Ontario and of course the two major city centers of Toronto and our nation’s capital Ottawa.  Into Quebec and you will go back in time as you view the historical regions and architecture of this province. Once in the Maritime provinces you’ll be amazed at the views from the eastern shore, entertained by the local Celtic musicians and enjoy the best sea food our country has to offer. Heading up north to Nunavut, Northwest Territories and the Yukon you will see wild life like never before. You will take in mountains, lakes, ocean views along with a variety of vegetation and different landscapes. Many feel this northern part of Canada has the most beautiful and untouched areas of Canada.

So whether you are interested in Canada’s larger cities and the culture and nightlife they have to offer,  or you’d prefer to travel off to more rural and quiet parts of Canada exploring the different culture and traditions in those areas, there is no better country to visit than Canada!  A few hours drive in any direction will give you a change of scenery and something new and different to do and see.  Visitors from other countries will have to come back again and again just to experience it all.  For us living here we need to make the effort to take the time to travel in and around Canada and be proud to see all we can see and share it with others!  We are so lucky we live in such a beautiful country with so many different regions to explore!  Canada is GREAT!


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